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A Holistic Approach to Psychological Testing

A professional psychological evaluation is an appointment or series of appointments where you and I will review your symptoms, collect information regarding how your symptoms affect your life, complete psychological tests to rule out any other disorders, and review any academic or treatment records. Professional evaluations can help answer your questions about your symptoms and treatment options.

What to expect during your evaluation sessions? All of my professional evaluations are conducted online. We will arrange a time and connect via video. During the 50 minute session, we will discuss your reason for seeking a professional evaluation and how I can help you. Depending on the type of evaluation, we will complete a test or series of tests to measure your symptoms, their severity, duration, and frequency. These assessments may be completed during the video call, or I may email you assessments to complete after our call. Typically, assessment sessions last 50 minutes per session.

Here is a sample series of appointments for an ADHD evaluation; remember that each person's assessment schedule is unique and you may complete fewer or more assessments than listed below.

Session number 1

Here we will complete an intake, gather background information, conduct a comprehensive treatment records review, identify any referral source questions, review your family history, and more. This is the session where you have the opportunity to "tell the story," which will help determine the number of assessment sessions that will be necessary.

Session number 2

You will be asked to complete ADHD evaluations such as the BRIEF-A, Spectra, and PROMIS symptoms scales. This session is "down to business" and often involves you completing several assessments back-to-back. Remember that honest and accurate answers are needed for a proper diagnosis.

Session number 3.

This is a feedback session including review of test results, comparison of your symptoms to the diagnostic criteria, a final diagnosis, and overview of your treatment options including ongoing therapy or prescription management. This is the session many people look forward to because you get to see the results of the tests you completed. This session is also the beginning of the next phase in living your best life - we decide together what your treatment options are and how to get you the best care possible.

Currently I offer specialist evaluations for adult students and comprehensive evaluations for adults not enrolled in study. Please contact me to discuss your options.

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